5-Tool Player Development

Coach Matt Thomas

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (2016): Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • 15+ years of hockey experience including Division 1 ACHA and Division 1 Varsity hockey

  • 3 years of personal and group training, skills development, and ice skating treadmill experience

  • Bachelor of Economics and Political Science

Weekly Training: $35 per session

  • By Appointment Only

Please email or call us for more information

Summer Camp: $50 per session 

Advanced: 12 - 15 years old

  • Dates TBD 

Junior: 8 - 10 years old

  • Dates TBD 

June & July

Four-Week Programs : one day/week

Be a Five-Tool Player 

Train with Coach Matt Thomas for every attribute of athletic success. This program works for all ages, but is specifically designed for younger players to develop all aspects of their game evenly.

Program includes dryland and on-ice training, and takes into account the season and specific needs of the group.

The Five Tools



Athletes must be able to move dynamically in all planes of motion with efficiency and control.  To achieve this, all athletes are evaluated for postural imbalances and deficiencies in form that could be negatively affecting performance.


Hockey players constantly balance on a knife’s edge and must be able to maintain that balance throughout a fast-paced, high-impact game.  Athletes must be put through a rigorous balance routine to ensure proper stabilization throughout movement for optimal performance.


Hockey is a very physically demanding sport, and athletes must be conditioned to keep pace as they grow and the competition around them becomes bigger and faster.  Functional, dynamic strength is achieved by combining calisthenics, plyometrics, and resistance training.


Flexibility is often one of the most under-appreciated aspects of athletic training, but it is essential in achieving high level performance.  Proper mobility and flexibility training increases range-of-motion and neuromuscular efficiency, reduces postural imbalances, and decreases the risk of injury.


Hockey is one of the highest skill sports there is, and athletes must begin training at a very young age to even stand a chance of making it to the highest levels of the sport.  Skating is strongly emphasized as it is the most important skill in a hockey player’s arsenal, but we leave plenty of time for shooting, passing, and stick-handling.

client testimonials

"Matt is the greatest trainer ever, gives my son 1 on 1 attention and my son has advanced so much because of Matt. The 1 on 1 is priceless and its like they are BFFs now. Matt really invests in the kids. My son absolutely loves going and loves Matt. Matt takes the time to research different options for each kid. He even showed up to some of his hockey games ❤  thank you Matt."

Christie Landes Tackett

"We adore Coach Matt! Could not ask for a better mentor, trainer, coach and role model for Luke. Thanks Matt Thomas for always setting the bar high and investing in him .... we appreciate you!!!"

Kathleen Pobur Garner

"Coach Matt is wise beyond his years, and always gives 100% of his attention to his clients, 100% of the time. He gets to know each kid, and knows how, and when, to push them. We‘ve had many people comment on how much our son’s skating has improved...Coach Matt and HSA played a huge role in that improvement. Fantastic role model. Gus thinks he’s awesome!"

Kate Hind Mallon

"Our son Emery has been working with Coach Matt for the last 7-8 months and he ABSOLUTELY loves him! The improvements in E’s skating, balance, and overall play are definitely noticeable and a lot of that is thanks to Coach Matt. He knows exactly how hard to push the kids he works with and is super encouraging too!"

Melissa Wise